Notes on The Sand

Find out more about the regulation of the festival.

  • Rules

    The competition is for individual performers and groups, divided into the following age groups:

    • First group: children aged to 7 years
    • Second group: children aged 8 to 9 years
    • Third group: children aged 10 to 11 years
    • Fourth group: youths aged 12 to 14 years
    • Fifth group: youths aged 14 to 16 years
    • Sixth group: youths aged 17+ years
  • Repertoire

    Compulsory repertoire: one song of your choice, without time limit.. The performance is live. The musical accompaniment shall be provided by the participants on in .mp3. or .wav format.

  • Participation

    Participation fees

    • Single performer- 50 lv
    • Duets – 25 lv for each performer
    • Groups – 15 lv for each performer

    Fees are paid in the day of arrival during registration.

    Important! Until the registration deadline 01.06.2020, we accept registrations only from participants that are staying in the hotel. After all hotel rooms are booked we will announce if we can register any additional participants that are not staying in the hotel. The maximum amount of participants is fixed by the organisers based on the requirements for hosting the event.

    The maximum count of participants for last year's festival was reached before the registration deadline. Please, if you plan to participate do not wait until the last moment, as we can not guarantee your place.

    Guardians and guests, who are not accommodated at hotel Helios, are subject to one-off entrance fee of 60 lv valid for all three days for the contest, cocktails and all other festival events listed in the programme.

  • Format

    Participants perform one song. Performances agenda and schedule will be produced by our team. The final version of the program will be published on our website not later than 20.08.2020.

  • Evaluation

    The performances of the participants will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:

    • Tonal and dynamic precision of the performance
    • Consistence of the song with the age of the artist
    • Artististic qualities and attractiveness
    • Stage behavior
  • Jury

    Outstanding foreign and Bulgarian music professionals and singers.

    Expect more information to follow.

  • Awards

    The best performances and participants will be awarded:

    • Awards from Municipality of Kiten
    • Medals and dimplomas for І, ІІ и ІІI places (based on groups)
    • Certificates for all participants in the contest
    • Special Rewards
    • Sponsored invitations for international festivals
  • Other awards

    For each age group, 5 individual awards:

    • Best general performance
    • Stage presence
    • More rewards from partners

    Other awards provided by the partnering companies.