Notes on The Sand

The goals that we have set and the results that we would like to achieve.

Our Goals

The goals that we have set are:

  • Finding young talents from around the world and providing a stage for them;
  • Strengthening the friendly relations and the friendship between young people from around the world and establishing creative contacts between them;
  • Expanding and deepening the international relations and the cultural exchange;
  • Demonstrating the characteristic features of national cultures;
  • Building a tolerant attitude towards children of different ethnicities and nationalities through children's creativity;

The main goal of the festival is to give an opportunity to engage and establish relationships between the participants of the festival. To do that, you will have the cance to participate in the following events:

  • Open-air concerts
  • Friendship evening;
  • Masterclasses with professional musicians;
  • Workshops;
  • Team games;
  • Open rehearsals in cooperation with guest musicians;
  • Preparation of shared songs for the Gala concert and the closing of the festival (with a vocal coach and choreographer);

Our Amazing Team

All the people without whom the festival cannot take place. Contact them!

Rumi Ivanova

Music Director

[email protected]

Stoil Todorov

Festival Director

[email protected]

Eliya Todorova

Art Director

[email protected]

Spas Markov

Stage Manager

[email protected]

Todor Todorov

Technology Manager

[email protected]

Kalin Botushev

Marketing & Design

[email protected]

Stanislava Todorova


Plamen Ivanov